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Fast Line Rockets
Ski Club 


Our desire is to pass on all our knowledge and experience related to skiing and sports in general, to inspire children, to instill in them the love for sports, to help them develop beautifully, with healthy life principles, in a organized framework.


We are a ski club that take part in the Mini Cup of Romania in Alpine Skiing

(National Ski Championship of Romania - children under 12).

This championship consists of 7 stages of 2 races each (total 14 contests where the little ones collect points). At the start of each stage, 200 athletes are present,

the best skiers up to 12 years old.

The story

In 2020, we formed a training group

out of the desire to further inspire our knowledge to children who wanted to ski better, and we participated in only one stage, the one at home, and we got on the podium twice.

In 2021, we started the season as a training group

but ended it by participating in all the stages, managing to get on the podium at every competition. This is how the sports club -ACS Fast Line Rockets was born.

Ski Club

ET 1 Mini Cupa Romaniei Schi Alpin 2023 - Straja
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ET 1 Mini Cupa Romaniei Schi Alpin 2023 - Straja
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ET 1 Mini Cupa Romaniei Schi Alpin 2023 - Straja

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