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Inside the box | 1 SHRED. NoShock Back Protector Naked


If you continually push your limits and are looking for the highest level of protection and enhanced support, SHRED. NoShock Back Protectors are just what you need. Their honeycomb-cone-structured SLYTECH™ Foam provides the highest impact energy absorption performance (Level 2) and offers uncompromised comfort, flexibility, and ventilation. A 3-point belt also supports the lower back. Thanks to Shred’s NoShock Back Protectors, you can feel strong, confident, stoked, and in control.


    • SLYTECH™ SHOCK ABSORPTION | Our proprietary foam intelligently and progressively adapts to different forces and impact speeds for thorough protection—even in low energy crashes. Simply put, it stays flexible when you ride but hardens to protect you when you crash.
    • SLYTECH™ NOSHOCK | Patent-pending honeycomb cone structure that further increases the performance, safety, and comfort of our proprietary SLYTECH™ Foam by reducing weight and promoting ventilation.
    • CONSTRUCTION | SLYTECH™ Foam with NOSHOCK honeycomb cone structure | Grip on straps | 3-point belt
    • SAFETY STANDARDS | EN 1621-2 Level 2 FB (motorbike full back protectors) | Tested at -20°C
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