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Inside the box | 1 SHRED. Arm Guards


If you’re a ski racer looking for exceptional performance when you clear giant slalom and super-G gates, SHRED. Arm Guards are the clear contender. Thanks to their SLYTECH™ SHIELD and GATE GLIDE friction-management technology, they provide unmatched forearm protection and gate clearing speed. SHRED. Arm Guards give you the confidence you need to focus on your skiing and feel like a pro.


    • SLYTECH SHIELD | A sturdy material blend engineered with the most advanced technopolymers to make it extremely stiff and durable at all temperatures.
    • GATE GLIDE | SLYTECH SHIELD features NOFRICTION technology additives that minimize friction between the shell and the gate to maximize speed.
    • MATERIAL | SLYTECH SHIELD shell | EVA foam
    • STRAPS WIDTH | 30 mm [main] | 10 mm [front] | 1.18 in [main] | 0.4 in [front]
    • LENGTH | 25 cm [S] | 27.5 cm [M] | | 30.5 cm [L] | 10 in [S] | 11 in [M] | 12 in [L]
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