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Inside the box | 1 pair of SHRED. Moxie sunglasses | 1 SHRED. sunglasses case | 1 SHRED. soft sunglasses bag


If you love the outdoors and are searching for sunglasses that pair exceptional clarity and contrast in a semi frameless design that enhances peripheral vision, and with polarized photochromic lenses that adapt to changing light conditions look no further than the SHRED. Moxie. Its liquid-cast urethane lenses showcase CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ (CBL) technology to enhance contrast, image definition, and the vividness of colors. The Moxie features lenses with a base eight curve and a featherlight NOWEIGHT™ frame with enhanced wide angle lens coverage. Strategically-positioned rubber pads also ensure the frames stay in place. Boost your confidence, performance, and style with the SHRED. Moxie.


    • SHRED. NOWEIGHT™ | Especially light, thin, and flexible, this frame design reduces the material used in interior areas subject to minimal stress and reinforces target areas for maximum durability. This creates tremendous strength without compromising the clean, streamlined appearance of the frame’s exterior.
    • SHRED. CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ | Enhances image contrast and definition for all weather, surface, and light conditions.
    • SHRED. PHOTOCHROMIC* | Photochromic dye technology allows our lenses to automatically adjust to changing light conditions, altering their tint to improve vision and performance. This allows you to transition from darkness to light and back instantly without compromising terrain definition. *Available in select models
    • SHRED. POLARIZED | Polarizing filters of the highest quality enhance our lenses and reduce glare by blocking all angles of light that are scattered and reflected from surfaces such as water, snow, and ice.
    • SHRED. NOSLIP™ | Specially formulated rubber pads on the nose and temple tips to further enhance comfort and ensure the frames stay in place while you're in motion.
    • LENS | Liquid-cast urethane lenses provide exceptional optical precision and impact protection. | Base 8 | 100% UVA-UVB-UVC protection | 64 mm [Lens width] | 50.8 mm [Lens height] | 2 1/2 in [Lens width] | 2 in [Lens height]
    • SIZE | 142 mm [Frame width] | 127 mm [Temple length] | 18.5 mm [Nose bridge width] | 5 5/8 in [Frame width] | 5 in [Temple length] | 3/4 in [Nose bridge width]
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